Orpheus in the Land of the Living: A Smuggler’s Opera
In a paradise for birds along the river Evros near the Turkish border, andcompany&Co. allows the political present clash with Greek mythology. Inspired by Monteverdi’s “L’Orfeo”, the opera performance “Orpheus in the Land of the Living” shines the spotlight on the disputed figure of the smuggler. The WDR re-recorded the performance in form of a radio play, which was selected in April 2015 as radio play of the month by the German Academy for Performing Arts. The jury’s statement: “’Orpheus in the Land of the Living: A Smuggler’s Opera’ combines political lucidity with artistic mastery.” Listen to “Orpheus in the Land of the Living” on WDR3 here. "Orpheus in der Oberwelt" on WDR3 here

8. - 16.5.2015
Stefanie Wenner with Thorsten Eibeler, cobratheater.cobra, Orthographe and others
Mycorrhiza: An Apparatus
In a week of events curated by Stefanie Wenner, Mycorrhiza: An Apparatus was inspired by the illusionary theater of mushrooms and plants to transform the FFT into a breeding ground for fungi, a space of illusions, networks and deceptions, into an artistic apparatus. Realized as part of the series “Alien Ecologies - Performance and Post-humanism“.

item11machina eX / FFT
Game ON Stage
In a two-year developmental and production laboratory, the artist group machina eX and the FFT Düsseldorf explored the interfaces of games and theater. In collaboration with external experts and the regional gaming scene, they combined elements of traditional theater, computer gaming structures and current social debate into novel, interactive forms of live performance. The series Game ON Stage was divided into five levels, in which participants danced, crafted and of course also played games. One barcamp, two guest performances, one premiere and numerous workshops later, the project finally came to an end. A collection of results, questions and documents from Game ON Stage can be accessed in the online journal: www.gameonstage.de

west off 2015
Showcase Szenische Forschung
Unlike most culture studies programs, the “Scenic Research” department at the Ruhr University in Bochum does not mainly focus on theory. Practical theater making is the main subject of scenic research. west off 2015 presented performances, installations and interventions by students of the program and inquired into new forms of artistic research.

Ingo Toben und Iskender Kökce
School's out for summer
Documentary film
In the documentary film “School’s Out for Summer”, teens, artists and other protagonists reflect the experiences made during the CLOSE UP summer academy.